Sukut Construction continues to develop and implement innovative, technologically sound solutions to confront the most challenging land development, natural resource and environmentally friendly energy issues throughout the West. From employing a full GPS-guided fleet to developing proprietary technology for soils engineering and earthwork logistics, Sukut’s 50-year track record has elevated the job of moving earth to revolutionary and creative process. Sukut is not just moving earth - it’s overturning the earth moving industry.



3D Site Modeling

Sukut's team of veteran grade checkers design 3D site models to optimize project constructability. Models are transmitted directly to field equipment to maximize machine control and productivity.

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Construction Staking

Sukut's grade checkers accurately install construction stakes with limited surveyor control points. The use of 3D digital site models enhances the ability of GPS–guided equipment to produce an efficient and accurate operation

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Design/Build Projects

More owners and developers are turning to Sukut’s design/build construction for expertise coupled with significant cost savings.

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GPS Controlled Equipment

GPS (Global Positioning Equipment) is installed on Sukut's full-range of dozers, excavators, motor graders, scrapers and trucks. Using 3D site models, GPS automatically controls the equipment hydraulics ensuring a perfect grade the first time.

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Land Development Solutions

Sukut’s 50-year track record of addressing and applying innovative solutions to challenging land development problems continues to reduce risks and maximize clients' profits.

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Value Engineering Services

Sukut has elevated the job of moving earth to an intricate, creative, problem-solving process. Proprietary technology for soils engineering and earthwork logistics allows for an advanced approach to evaluating project objectives.

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