Orange County Great Park Western Sector Roadway Project

The project includes removal of existing utilities and roadway in order to construct a new roadway infrastructure consisting of a new storm drain, sewer, water, and electrical. Following the underground improvements will be a new curb, gutter, sidewalk, roadway and associated traffic signals to further the improvement and expansion of the Orange County Great Park. The project is expected to start in the second quarter of 2018 and last through the first quarter of 2019.

Frank R. Bowerman Landfill Groundwater Protection System, PHS 8B - 2

Sukut is performing work on the Groundwater Protection System project, consisting of a 5 million cubic yards of compacted fill placement to buttress the North Landslide Complex at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill. The new support will stabilize the expansion of the new 1.1 million square feet of composite liner system which will be constructed by Sukut along the slope face of the buttress fill. The scope also includes landfill gas collection system construction, drainage, and 30,000 square feet sedimentation basin improvements.

Lakewood Stormwater Capture at Mayfair Park Project

The work includes 35,000 CYs of export, excavation of 92,700 CYs, shoring beam and plate, installation of 914 underground storage units, removal and replacement of 2 new tennis courts, 12’ wide sidewalk, 8’ wide sidewalk, new building extension, stormwater harvesting system, including filters pumps, diversion structure, rubber dam, pneumatic date, active control, new landscape, 3 new T-Ball backstops, electrical, sewer, recycled water line,storm drain pipe, catch basin, new lighting, and fencing. The project's expected completion date is August of 2018.

Clinton Keith Road Phase 4 Project

This road project will include roadway and rock excavation for widening areas of over 17,000 cubic yards, decomposed granite trail of more than 100,000 square feet, various minor concrete structures and nearly 17,000 tons of asphalt paving. This project will be constructed within Sukut’s current Clinton Keith Road Phase 2 project and provide an additional two lanes for the highway and a center median.

Serrano Summit Rough Grading Project

Sukut Construction was awarded the Serrano Summit Rough Grading Project, which consists of residential grading of single and multifamily homes next to the new civic center in the city of Lake Forest. The project includes demolition of existing foundations and waterlines, remedial grading, mass excavation, construction of MSE walls, and finish grading.

Clinton Keith Road Extension

Sukut partnered with the County of Riverside to extend the arterial roadway of Clinton Keith Road an additional 1.7 miles of paved road to better serve the expanding communities of Murrieta and Winchester.

Project highlights include:
• Excavation of 500,000 CY’s of dirt and rock
• Blasting of 91,000 CY’s of rock
• Installatiion of 10,000 LF of RCP storm drain 
• Construction of two retaining walls
• Installation of one cast-in-place multi-span box girder bridge
• One precast double-arch wildlife Bridge with MSE walls

Porter Ranch Tr 50505, 50506, 50507 Rough Grading

Sukut is performing construction services at the Porter Ranch project located in Los Angeles, CA. This is the last hillside grading residential track project within the Porter Ranch development to be completed for Toll Brothers, Inc.  The project consists of 5,500,000 CY of mass excavation, 3,400,000 CY of remedial grading and miles of concrete ditch nestled in the Hills of Porter Ranch.


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