Porter Ranch Tr 50505, 50506, 50507 Rough Grading

Sukut is performing construction services at the Porter Ranch project located in Los Angeles, CA. This is the last hillside grading residential track project within the Porter Ranch development to be completed for Toll Brothers, Inc.  The project consists of 5,500,000 CY of mass excavation, 3,400,000 CY of remedial grading and miles of concrete ditch nestled in the Hills of Porter Ranch.

Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project

The Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project (DSMP) consists of several major modifications which will enhance the structural capability of the existing dam and will serve to increase public safety as well as restore the water storage capacity in Lake Isabella.  Improvements to the Isabella Dam have been contemplated for many years – The original Dam was completed in 1953, although since 2006 there have been concerns about seismic stability.

Los Olivos Basin

Los Olivos Basin project involves the construction of multiple improvements for the Natural Treatment System (NTS) basin, including water inlet and outlet control structures, rip rap armoring for the basin, flow control gate and stop logs, basin access ramp, access stairways, perimeter fencing, water quality sampling stations, landscaping, irrigation, and electrical service. Work is cheduled to be completed by January of 2018.


Sunshine Canyon LF Cell CC-4 P2 Liner

Sukut completed a 5.8-acre cell construction, consisting of a five layer liner systems (two 2’ clay layers, 1’ LCRS gravel, 1’ sand, 2’ one-inch minus material). Project highlights include:

· 28,000 CYs of imported and placed clay soil.  

· 7,000 CYs of LCRS gravel placed, along with 7,000 CYs of sand placed and imported.

· Installed 1,300 LF of LCRS HDPE pipe.

· 250,000 SF of liner installation on both slopes and floor.

Jamestown Landfill Closure

Jamestown landfill is an inactive landfill that was originally closed in 2005. The following years revealed design related problems which caused failures in the slope areas. These failures required Sukut to perform remediation work and the re-closure of the failed landfill. This project consisted of removal of the existing final cover materials used during the 2005 closure, relocation and compaction of waste materials in order to cut-back the slopes, and re-installation of new final cover components, which consisted of earthwork and geosynthetic materials.

Steel Mill Slag Pile

Sukut Construction excavated the existing slag pile to a designed sub grade. The construction of a four inch soil layer cover was completed with the integration of a sophisticated storm drain system. At the Chemwest portion of the project a HDPE and Geocomposite liner, and a two inch barrier soil layer were constructed in conjunction with an integrated drainage system.
The following is a brief description of work completed:
• The excavation and movement of 250,000 cubic yards of slag material was completed.


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