Frank R. Bowerman Landfill Groundwater Protection System, PHS 8B - 2

Sukut is performing work on the Groundwater Protection System project, consisting of a 5 million cubic yards of compacted fill placement to buttress the North Landslide Complex at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill. The new support will stabilize the expansion of the new 1.1 million square feet of composite liner system which will be constructed by Sukut along the slope face of the buttress fill. The scope also includes landfill gas collection system construction, drainage, and 30,000 square feet sedimentation basin improvements.

Prima Deshecha Landfill Zone 1 Phase D Mass Excavation and Liner Project


The project consists of construction of a composite liner system including mass excavation, a subdrain and leachate collection system, low-permeability soil layer, drainage gravel layer and importation and placement of operations layer and geosynthetics. The project also includes landfill gas pipeline construction, concrete drainage, a lined stormwater basin and other miscellaneous civil improvements to the site.




Salton City Landfill Phase 1B Cell Construction

Sukut Construction was awarded the Salton City Landfill Phase 1B Cell Construction project located in Salton City, CA. This earthwork project consists of excavating and preparing of subgrade, placement of engineered fill material layers for berms around the cell expansion, placement of 2 ft thick low permeability soil liner, preparing the liner system subgrade, excavation and backfill of the synthetic liner anchor trenches, placement of the LCRS gravel, underdrain pipe, geotextile materials, and 2 ft thick protective soil cover material.

FRB Landfill Main Haul Road Crossing Repair

Sukut completed emergency repair of the storm drain inlet and road crossing across the main landfill access road. Work included demolition of existing drainage features, construction of 3 concrete inlet structures, installation of 200 LF of 60” CHDPE Storm Drain and AC Paving. Project required a significant amount of coordination with the landfill operations and traffic control due to working on the main landfill access road.

Guadalupe Landfill

Guadalupe Landfill is an active landfill utilizing an active landfill gas collection system, flare and landfill gas power plant to control and utilize landfill gas at the northern California landfill. Sukut Construction was awarded the site’s latest contract to install 25 LFG extraction wells and associated HDPE LFG collection piping. This project included expanding the perimeter header piping with an additional 4,000 linear feet of 18-inch diameter HPDE pipe.

Calabasas Landfill

Liner expansion construction including mass excavation, low permeability processing and placement, 80-mil Geosynthetic liner, Geosynthetic Clay liner, protective membrane, under drain, subdrain and leachate collection system, and misc. civil improvements. This project was constructed on slopes ranging from 2:1 to 1.5:1 and on the floor of the cell.

San Timoteo Sanitary Landfill

Sukut Construction has provided the San Bernardino County with landfill expansion construction at numerous landfills throughout the County. The San Timoteo construction project consisted of mass excavation, installation of ground-water control systems, one foot clay liner and dual geomembrane liner on the cell floor with a single geomembrane system on the side-slope areas.
The following is a brief description of work completed:
• Screening and processing of 212,000 cubic yards of operations material.
• Excavated and placed 5,000 cubic yards of low permeability soil.


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