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Alternative Energy

Townsite Solar Civil, Piles, and Racking Project

Sukut is constructing a 200 MW solar project, completing the civil, ...

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Todd Solar Project

Sukut is installing the FTC racking system on a 25MW solar farm in Maryland ...

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Environmental Services

FRB Phase VIIIB Fire Repair Project

This project includes the removal and replacement of damaged geosynthetic ...

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Northern Branch for the 2020 Fire Debris and Tree Removal Project

Sukut Construction has formed a joint venture (JV) with Pacific States and ...

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Tree Removal Services Project for the Camp Fire in Butte County

Acting as a Managing Partner, Sukut entered into a joint venture with Odin ...

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Public Works

Oasis In-Lieu Recharge Project, Phase II Project

On this project, Sukut is constructing approximately 17.5 miles of a ...

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