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Alternative Energy

TWC Westside Solar Civil and Pile Driving Project

This project is the last phase of the previous TWC Westside Solar projects: ...

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Copper Mountain 5 Solar Civil Project

The project consists of over 1,100 acres of grading, 20 miles of electrical ...

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Rosamond Central Solar Civil and Trenching Project

Sukut will be performing clearing and grading of an 195 MWac 1100-acre ...

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Environmental Services

Riverside County Landfills Daily Cover Excavation and On-Call Improvements Project

This project consists of 200,000 cubic yards of daily cover excavation and ...

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Visalia Landfill Phase 4 Expansion Project

This project includes mass excavation of 355,000 cubic yards of material ...

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Sunshine Canyon Landfill CC-4 Part 4A Mass Excavation and Liner Project

This project includes the construction of a 4.5-acre cell, which consists ...

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Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal Services Project

This project is for the on-call services to respond to any natural ...

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Landfill, Disposal Site and Waste Tire Site Remediation Project

Sukut has been awarded a three-year contract by Cal Recycle for Landfill, ...

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Ox Mountain Landfill Phase XXI Liner Project

This project involves the excavation of 100,000 cubic yards of hard rock to ...

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Keller Canyon Landfill Phase 3C Liner System Project

This six-acre cell construction project includes 30,000 cubic yards of ...

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Prima Capistrano Greenery Project

This project involves moving over 100,000 cubic yards of dirt and providing ...

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FRB Bee Canyon Greenery Project

This project consists of 740,000 cubic yards of earthwork, construction of ...

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Private Works

Montebello Hills Grading Phases A and B Project

This project includes 3.7 million cubic yards of remedial grading and 5.6 ...

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RMV PA 3.1 and CCR Rough Grading Project

Project includes mass excavation of 3,000,000 cubic yards and nearly ...

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