Trampas Canyon Dam and Reservoir Project

Rancho Santa Margarita Water District
Total Value:
South Orange County, CA
Description of Project:

The Santa Margarita Water District contracted with Sukut to complete the renovation and reconstruction of a 50-year old dam and reservoir into the newer and larger Trampas Canyon Dam and Reservoir. The original dam was de-graded and reconstructed 40 feet taller and over 150 feet wider than the old dam. This was accomplished by Sukut excavating and placing more than 3.7 million cubic yards of zoned embankment material to buttress and re-build the new dam. The new 5,000 acre-foot capacity reservoir also required the import of 700,000 tons of granular filter drain materials along with 100,000 tons of riprap and bedding along with a host of instrumentation and control support features. The project also included the construction of a dam control building, dam electrical and instrumentation, emergency outlet structure, inlet/outlet structure, 400-foot-long concrete spillway with 15-foot-tall walls, a 315-foot-long boat launch ramp and stairs, boathouse, 700 feet of 63-inch microtunnel, four MSE walls, 22,000 feet of tubing for the reservoir aeration system, 9,100 feet of 16 and 30-inch CML&C waterline, 20,000 feet of perimeter fencing, and 6,800 feet of asphalt access roads.

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