Guadalupe Landfill

Guadalupe Disposal Co, Inc
Total Value:
$500 K
Date Completed:
October 31, 2009
San Jose, CA
Description of Project:

Guadalupe Landfill is an active landfill utilizing an active landfill gas collection system, flare and landfill gas power plant to control and utilize landfill gas at the northern California landfill. Sukut Construction was awarded the site’s latest contract to install 25 LFG extraction wells and associated HDPE LFG collection piping. This project included expanding the perimeter header piping with an additional 4,000 linear feet of 18-inch diameter HPDE pipe.

Installation of 25 new and replacement landfill gas wells were installed, Including 36-in diameter well bores at depths exceeding 100 linear feet. Also constructed was the Abandonment of existing landfill gas wells consistent with compliance orders established by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Waste Management, Inc. The Installation of a new collection system piping, which included installation of more than 10,000 lineal feet of HDPE piping was also completed.

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