Lancaster Landfill Liner Phase 1b and 1c

Waste Management Of California, Inc.
Lancaster, CA
Description of Project:

Liner expansion construction included mass excavation, engineered fill, placement of various LCRS drainage layer components including lateral and mainline HDPE piping, installation of 12-inch thick LCRS rock over cell floor, temporary sump, and placement of eight-ounce Geotextile, and protective cover soil material placement. The new cell construction was constructed in accordance with the Subtitle D regulations.
The following is a brief description of the work completed:
• Soil excavation and stockpiling of 98,000 cubic yards.
• Placed 37,000 tons of LCRS Rock.
• 704,000 square feet of 8 ounce Geotextile drainage layer installation.
• 5,100 linear feet of lateral and mainline LCRS piping.
• Self-performed 100% of the work.

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