CIW Solar Civil Project

On this project, Sukut is performing clearing, grading, and access road work. Sukut is also installing foundation piles, racking, and panels for a solar project adjacent to and supporting the California Institute for Women in Chino CA.Read more

Los Coches Substation Modification

Sukut constructed Phase 1 of 3 for SDG&E to accommodate upgraded 138kV and 69kV yards, transmission lines, and other substation facilities.  The project consisted of blasting, handling, and exporting 165,000 cubic yards of rock in addition to rock dowels, new access roads, retaining and masonry walls, and drainage/infiltration facilities. Project highlights included: Sukut self-performed 93%…Read more

Solar Oasis Project

Sukut completed work on this 20 MW AC solar array project that was built on 180 acres of land located in the western Mojave Desert, near Palmdale, California. The site houses approximately 98,000 photovoltaic solar panels. Sukut’s scope included site clearing, tree removal, mass grading, dam inspection, construction of new construction entrances, Arizona crossing, water…Read more

Calipatria and Centinela Solar Civil and Mechanical Projects

This project consists of two separate 12 MW sites in which Sukut will be performing all site work including clearing, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans implementation, and construction of project’s roads. In addition, Sukut will be driving all foundation piles and installing the solar racking system.Read more

Moapa Southern Paiute Solar, Phases 1 and 2 Project

Sukut provided grading and trenching services on the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project located on roughly 2,000 acres on the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Clark County, Nevada.  This 250-megawatt solar plant houses photovoltaic thin-film solar modules and, once finished, it generates enough clean solar energy to serve the needs of about 100,000 homes per…Read more

Garland Solar

Sukut completed the site preparation on this solar project in three phases as a subcontractor to Signal Energy and CSI Electrical. The first phase scope included site clearing and leveling of 1,800 acres of land. Work consisted of removing existing vegetation to be re-used as mulch to minimize dust pollution, in addition to hydro-mulch. Roadway…Read more

Westside Solar Civil, Trenching and Pile Driving Project

Sukut performed grading, trenching, road construction and post-installation services on the 20 MW photovoltaic Solar field in the City of Five Points in California. Project highlights included: 55,000 cubic yards of excavation 150 acres of Array Field grading Pile driving of 12,000 structural piers 10,000 liner feet of trenching and backfill of AC/DC cable.Read more

EMWD Solar Energy Site Prep PH3 Project

This project includes site development at four of the district’s regional water reclamation facilities for preparation for future solar systems. The work includes over 600,000 cubic yards of earthwork and 200,000 cubic yards of import, and access roads.  Various drainage features such as culverts, pipe, catch basins, and grouted riprap are also part of the…Read more

Voyager Wind Trench Backfill Project

The scope of work consists of screening and backfilling of a medium voltage mainline trench for Voyager Wind Project.  The project site houses 117,000 LF of line and 59 Wind Turbine Generators.Read more

Southampton Solar Civil

Sukut performed excavation, new roadway construction and installation of storm drain system on the Southampton Solar project that is located between Boykins and Newsom in Virginia. The plant contains 1—MW solar photovoltaic panels that will supply the equivalent of 20,000 households of electric power usage. 250,000 cubic yards of excavated material. 1,520,640 linear feet of…Read more

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