Gloucester Solar Civil Project

This project involves the construction of a 20 MW 150 acre solar site in East Virginia. The scope Includes land clearing, erosion control, access road construction, drainage pipe and culvert installation, as well as permanent seeding and maintenance. The project is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2019.Read more

East County Substation

Sukut Construction performed 1.1 million yards of mass grading to construct two large substation pads across 92 acres near Jacumba, California. Over 106,000 tons of aggregate base were placed for the substation area and under the paved access roads that Sukut also constructed as part of this project. Sukut installed drainage features such as box…Read more

Panoche Valley Solar MV/DC Projects

This project in Panoche, San Benito County, CA, involves excavation and backfill of approximately 10 miles of medium voltage electrical cable trench, and approximately 17 miles of low voltage DC electrical cable trench.​Read more

Wistaria Solar Civil and Trenching Project

The project included civil work for a 745-acre site, construction of various drainage improvements and culverts, and approximately 1.2 million square feet or access roads. In addition, Sukut excavated 500,000 cubic yards of dirt and constructed 3.5 million square feet of basins, as well as trenching and backfilling operations for approximately 78,000 linear feet of…Read more

Summer and Winter Wheats Solar Civil Project

Sukut was awarded the Summer and Winter Wheats Solar Civil Project, located in San Joaquin, CA. On this project Sukut will perform civil site preparation, grading and access road construction for a 22 MW solar plant. The work is scheduled to begin at the end of this month and last through the end of the…Read more

Mojave Solar Project

Sukut Construction completed the civil site preparation in 2012 for the Mojave Solar Project, a 280 megawatt (MW) gross parabolic trough plant in the Mojave Desert, west of Barstow, California. Sukut demolished existing infrastructure, cleared the 1,765 acre site of vegetation and moved about 3.8 million cubic yards of earth. The project then called for…Read more

Genesis Solar Energy Project

Sukut constructed 80,000 cubic yards of soil cement lined slopes in a five mile storm water diversion channel surrounding a 2,200 acre solar energy plant in Blythe, California. Total scope of work consisted of moving 3.5 million cubic yards of dirt, as well as various other civil improvements including installation of site storm drain, pre-cast…Read more

Coram Ridge Wind Farm Project

Sukut completed the construction of over 11 miles of access roads and moved nearly 600,000 cubic yards of dirt for the general contractor, Mortenson Construction. Sukut also installed storm drainage systems and excavated the foundations for the installation of 34 new, high-volume three megawatt wind turbines for the 102 megawatt energy project in the Tehachapi Mountains.Read more

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