Alton Parkway Extension

Sukut was the general contractor on this roadway and utility improvement project. The Alton project and the adjoining County of Orange project were set up to join the existing Alton Parkway Road from Irvine Blvd. in the City of Irvine, through the County of Orange, connecting at the 241 Toll Road in the city of…Read more

Channel Islands Campus

This was a turn key infrastructure project including two bridges, sewer and water, storm drain, paving, curb, gutter and sidewalk, architecture wall treatment and installation of electrical and gas lines. Sukut provided all grading and infrastructure for this university housing community. Through their GPS technology, Sukut was able to provide many design solutions to engineering…Read more

Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment Plant North Access Road

Sukut constructed a one-mile hill side access road for the Metropolitan Water District. The project included 90,000 cubic yards of excavation with up to 30 foot high 1/2:1 backcuts, 70,000 square feet of MSE walls, a 3,000 square foot Soldier Pile Tie-Back Wall, over 500 cubic yards of structural concrete, 5,000 lineal feet of HDPE…Read more

Cathedral City – Cove Infrastructure

Sukut upgraded outdated water, sewer and storm drainage systems, eliminate 1,500 septic tanks, created the area’s first public sewer system and added some of the first storm drains. The following is a brief description of work completed: • Installed 17,000 lineal feet of water line, 11,000 lineal feet of storm drain, 50,000 lineal feet of…Read more

Hillcrest High School

This new 50 acre campus for the new Hillcrest High School was recognized by veteran school construction managers as the most challenging school building site tackled in Southern California in decades. Sukut Construction exported 356,000 cubic yards of material, excavated another 375,000 cubic yards on site and installed over 3,000 lineal feet of reinforced concrete…Read more

State Route 76 Widening & Realignment

Subcontractor to Granite Construction, Sukut excavated 325,000 cubic yards of earth in the construction of 1.2 miles of new highway tying into I-15 Freeway. This project paralleled the environmentally sensitive San Luis Rey River. Sukut also constructed bridges and installed 1/2 ton rip rap slope protection while not disturbing the protected wildlife.Read more

Monument 250 Border Fence

This project entails the construction of six miles of border access road and border fence. Built into 1:1 natural slopes in a remote area along the California / Mexico Border. Sukut Construction’s portion of work included the grading of the access road and installation of a construction water delivery system located five miles from the…Read more

Eastern Corridor 241-261 – Toll Road

A design-built project consisting of 26 miles of new roadway including six lanes, with Sukut performing earthwork, drainage, and roadway construction, and FCI constructing bridges. Sukut moved 67 million cubic yards of earth through the rugged Santa Ana mountains, including 15 million cubic yards of rock. Earthwork excavation included cuts in excess of 300 ft…Read more

Santa Ana River Trail

Sukut moved 35,000 cubic yards of dirt to accomplish this three and a half mile stretch of the Class One Santa Ana River Trail bicycle path. It starts in the San Bernardino County Mountains and extends 110 miles to the Pacific Ocean. The following is a brief description of work completed: • Moved 35,000 cubic…Read more

Pepperdine University Graduate Campus

This project involved the movement of 3,000,000 cubic yards of earth in order to do the grading of only four super pads covering 50 acres. This construction included the installation of storm drains, sewers, water pipeline, water storage reservoirs, street improvements and street lights, landscaping, electrical conduit, and retaining and tieback walls.Read more

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