San Bernardino County Fire Response – Grass Valley

This project consisted of a massive debris removal operation for 284 homes that were burned during the Southern California firestorms. Major activities included Health & Safety monitoring for personnel; separation of waste streams for recycling; transport and disposal of all fire related debris; demolition of concrete structures and foundations. This work required Sukut employees to…Read more

Lancaster Water Treatment Plant

Sukut constructed four, 70-acre waste water treatment ponds. This project was designed as a balanced site. When the on-site material was excavated and reused, there was a shrinkage factor of 35 percent. This would have created a need for import material but with the use of GPS on the Sukut equipment, we were able to…Read more

Frank R. Bowerman Landfill

Located in Irvine, Sukut developed a new landfill cell including mass earth moving, material processing, clay placement and an HDPE lining system. Landfill construction was in accordance with Subtitle D, a stringent quality assurance during construction. The following is a brief description of work completed: • Moved a total of 3,000,000 cubic yards over 60…Read more

Steel Mill Slag Pile

Sukut Construction excavated the existing slag pile to a designed sub grade. The construction of a four inch soil layer cover was completed with the integration of a sophisticated storm drain system. At the Chemwest portion of the project a HDPE and Geocomposite liner, and a two inch barrier soil layer were constructed in conjunction…Read more

Prima Deshecha – Landfill

This project supported the landfill expansion and placement of liners in two locations at the project site. It included remedial work on stream-bed protection, gabion structures, concrete surface drainage structures, relocation of a timber bridge section and installation of a storm water detention basin to prevent siltation of downstream facilities. The following is a brief…Read more

Guadalupe Landfill

Guadalupe Landfill is an active landfill utilizing an active landfill gas collection system, flare and landfill gas power plant to control and utilize landfill gas at the northern California landfill. Sukut Construction was awarded the site’s latest contract to install 25 LFG extraction wells and associated HDPE LFG collection piping. This project included expanding the…Read more

Jamestown Landfill Closure

Jamestown landfill is an inactive landfill that was originally closed in 2005. The following years revealed design related problems which caused failures in the slope areas. These failures required Sukut to perform remediation work and the re-closure of the failed landfill. This project consisted of removal of the existing final cover materials used during the…Read more

Calabasas Landfill

This 35-acre project included mass excavation, installation of an underdrain system, installation of geosynthetic clay layer and drainage layer and roughly 7.2 million square feet of various liner material components. Sukut also installed a subdrain and leachate collection system, as well as made miscellaneous civil improvements. This project was constructed on slopes ranging from 2:1…Read more

San Timoteo Sanitary Landfill

Sukut Construction has provided the San Bernardino County with landfill expansion construction at numerous landfills throughout the County. The San Timoteo construction project consisted of mass excavation, installation of ground-water control systems, one foot clay liner and dual geomembrane liner on the cell floor with a single geomembrane system on the side-slope areas. The following…Read more

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