Puente Hills Landfill Slope Stabilization and Roads

Sukut Construction has been involved for many years with the Puente Hills Landfill. Work involved stabilizing an existing slide with drilled and grouted soil anchors and bearing blocks, mass excavation of 560,000 cubic yards on steep slopes, under drain collection system, 200,000 cubic yards of engineered fill, and new AC access road. The following is…Read more

Lake Tahoe Fire Response

Sukut was part of a CIWMB response team that completed the Angora Debris removal project in Lake Tahoe. Sukut was under contract to A.J. Diani and provided a number of work crews to the site to expedite the project. Sukut was able to quickly mobilize skilled work crews with 40-hour HazMat training that allowed the…Read more

Phelan Sanitary Landfill

Final landfill closure construction efforts for the Phelan Landfill included mass excavation, waste relocation, soil processing, final cover soil / unclassified fill placement, rip-rap bank construction, asphalt / concrete placement and misc. civil improvements. The project was constructed as a final measure for facility closure and approval from the Region Water Quality Control Board. The…Read more

West Miramar Landfill

Sukut Construction was contracted by the City of San Diego to perform final excavation of Module D and installation of impermeable geomembrane. This project is one of three phases Sukut Construction has completed for the City of San Diego at Miramar Landfill. This work included 500,000 cubic yards of excavation in the stadium conglomerate formation,…Read more

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