Westlake Village K and Lake 3 Project

Eight Mile Development
Stockton, CA
Description of Project:

As the general contractor on this project, Sukut is managing the reconstruction and redesign of an existing lake within the Westlake Villages into a 5.5-acre lake for future home development and stormwater management. Sukut is self-performing the dewatering, grading, structures, and underground utilities, and managing subcontractors performing the waterproofing and architectural retaining wall around the lake edge. Sukut is also moving over 100,000 cubic yards of material from the lake to create the new design while rough-grading a new surrounding village that will house 147 lots while stockpiling the remaining material for future villages within this master-planned community. Additionally, Sukut is installing over 700 linear feet of large-diameter RCP along with three cast-in-place water control structures.


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