Hillcrest High School

Alvord Unified School District
Date Completed:
August 31, 2009
Riverside, CA
Description of Project:

This new 50-acre campus for the new Hillcrest High School was recognized by veteran school construction managers as the most challenging school building site tackled in Southern California in decades.

Sukut Construction exported 356,000 cubic yards of material, excavated another 375,000 cubic yards on site, and installed over 3,000 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe storm drain. The project also included the construction of a 3,000-foot long, up to 20-foot high soil nail retaining wall that was built into the side of an adjacent mountain. Installed to create additional site area, the wall system is supported by 100-foot-long soil nail anchors that were drilled horizontally into the mountainside. The soil nails were covered by a structural section of concrete and a Boulderscape facade.

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