New Model Colony Archibald and Edison Infrastructure Improvements

NMC Builders LLC
Total Value:
Date Completed:
January 30, 2016
Ontario, CA
Description of Project:

Sukut worked as a general contractor on the roadway and utility improvement project that included construction of five miles of roadway improvements and 120,000 linear feet of pipe work in the City of Ontario. Sukut self-performed more than 50% of the work including: excavation, pipeline and appurtenance installation (including air vacs, fire hydrants, blow offs, services, CTS, insulating flanges, and pipe installs including CMLC, VCP, PVC, RCP, HDPE, direct jacking, bore & jack setup and support, testing, beam, and plate installation, existing utility support, roadway grading, traffic control, large and minor concrete structures. The project also included work in live streets where substantial traffic control was deployed as well as R&R of the existing pavement.

Project highlights included:

  • Installed 17 miles of underground pipe lines including storm drain, sanitary sewer, and domestic and reclaimed water.
  • The gravity sewer main (VCP material) required excavations deeper than 20 feet and engineered shoring plans.
  • The gravity sewer main pipe was installed in many areas at a 0.0002 slope, which is very minimal fall relative to most gravity sewer mains and requires special expertise and workmanship.

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