About the Market

About the Market

Our clients and partners truly appreciate the talent and expertise that we are able to bring to a project. That confidence is produced by knowing that Sukut has analyzed the project thoroughly and have developed a strategic approach which will lead to success. It also helps that Sukut will typically self-perform a significant portion of the work on the project. As a result of this approach, we are well equipped to respond to any challenges that are presented on a project.

Mike Zanaboni
Vice President of Joint Ventures and Public Works

Sukut is widely recognized as one of the very best grading contractors in the United States. Leveraging on this reputation we performed one of our first Joint Venture projects in 1994 with the Contract work on the 241/261 Toll Road where we moved more than 68 million cubic yards of excavation. Historically, our focus has been on projects that capitalize on our core competency of Mass Grading and Excavation. As the market continues to grow we have expanded our services in the Special Projects arena to include dams, highways, and other heavy civil projects.

In 2016 we developed our Joint Ventures group to become more intentional in our pursuit of complex infrastructure projects and opportunities which leverage our heavy civil capabilities. Whether it is building a major toll road connecting Orange County to Riverside County, or constructing a major dam in Northern California – Sukut is up to the challenge.

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