Megawatt Portfolio

Megawatt Portfolio

Sukut’s Energy Market projects vary in size from 20 to 600+ MW on photovoltaic solar and wind turbine fields throughout the United States:

Westside Solar Civil, Trenching, and Pile Driving(20 MW)

Location: City of Five Points, CA Description: Sukut performed grading, trenching, road construction and post-installation services on the 20 MW photovoltaic Solar field in the City of Five Points in California.

Highlights: • 55,000 cubic yards of excavation. • 150 acres of Array Field grading. • Pile driving of 12,000 structural piers. • 10,000 linear feet of trenching and backfill of AC/DC cable.

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Southampton Solar Civil (100 MW)

Location: Boykins, VA Description: Sukut performed excavation, new roadway construction and installation of storm drain system on the Southampton Solar project that is located between Boykins and Newsom in Virginia. The plant contains 100 MW solar photovoltaic panels that will supply the equivalent of over 20,000 households of electric power usage.

Highlights: • 250,000 cybic yards of excavatied material. • 1,500,000 square feet of aggregate roadway construction. • 110 acres of forrested clearing. • 28 miles of extensive perimeter control and maintenance. • Challenging project due to weather and environmental requirements, but finished on schedule.

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Coram Ridge (120 MW)

Location: Tehachapi, CA. Description: Sukut completed the construction of over 11 miles of access roads and moved nearly 600,000 cubic yards of dirt for Mortenson Construction, the general contractor. Sukut also installed storm drainage systems, implemented erosion control measures and excavated the foundations for installation of 34 new, high-volume three megawatt wind turbines for the 102 megawatt energy project in the foothills of the Mojave Desert.

Highlights: • 34 turbine foundation excavations. • 11 miles of wind turbine access roads. • 600,000 cubic yards of roadway excavation. • Installed numerous storm drain road crossing.

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Garland Solar (200 MW)

Location: Rosamond, CA Description: Sukut completed the site preparation on this solar project in three phases as a subcontractor to Signal Energy and CSI Electrical. The first phase scope included site clearing and leveling of 1800 acres of land. Work consisted of removing existing vegetation to be re-used as mulch to minimize dust pollution, in addition to hydro-mulch. Roadway and water retention system construction. In the second and third phases, Sukut provided the trench excavation and backfill support.

Highlights: • Developed and maintained the well water pump system. • Cleared, grubbed and mowed 1,800 acres of vegetation. • Graded 1,800 acres for the installation of solar arrays. • Drill seeding and hydromulched 1,250 acres. • Graded 540,000 square feet of roadway. • Provided dust control and dust mitigation measures for the 1,800 acre site throughout construction. • Excavated and backfilled 95,000 linear feet of MV trenching. • Excavated / backfilled 260,000 linear feet of DC Trenching

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Moapa Southern Paiute Solar, Phases 1 and 2 (250 MW)

Location: Moapa, CA Description: Sukut provided grading and trenching services on the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project located on roughly 2,000 acres on the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Clark County, Nevada. This 250-megawatt solar plant houses photovoltaic thin-film solar modules and, once finished, it generates enough clean solar energy to serve the needs of about 100,000 homes per year for up to 25 years. Sukut finished the project on time and on budget, and with combined efforts of other companies involved, this site became the first utility-scale solar plant on United States’ tribal lands.

Highlights: • Underground trenching and backfill of approximately 100,000 linear feet of AC/DC trenching, totaling 125 MW of power which is enough to power approximately 50,000 homes. • Challenges included trenching through a very hard caliche material utilizing Vermeer T955 trenchers. • Work was performed on the Moapa Paiute Indian Reservation; therefore, there was extensive coordination required to comply with the regulations involved with working on a sovereign nation.

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