About the Market

About the Market

Sukut’s Environmental Services market is looking to grow in the upcoming years, including remediation cleanups and pursuing disaster relief contracts all over the United States. We look forward to maintaining our current client relationships and developing new ones in the future.

Eddie Juarez
Vice President, Environmental

Sukut has been a major player in the Environmental construction market since the early 1990’s when we first started building Landfill projects in Southern California. Given our strong background in earthmoving, we quickly became a leader in the industry and expanded this market to include: Debris removals; Haz-Mat Response; Land Remediation and Disaster recovery working in both the Public and Private sectors. Over the past 5 years, Environmental Construction has performed more than 350 million dollars of contract revenue and is proud to be consistently ranked as one of the Top ENR Environmental Contractors. Sukut core competency of mass excavation and vast heavy equipment fleet, combined with the technical expertise of constructing groundwater protection systems and methane gas collection makes Sukut uniquely qualified for the landfill market.

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