Altamont Landfill FA2 Phase 5 and Compost Facility Contact Water Pond 2 Project

Waste Management of Alameda
Livermore, CA
Description of Project:

Sukut performed landfill improvements by excavating roughly 600,000 cubic yards of soil and rock, which included blasting approximately 150,000 cubic yards. The team placed 40,000 cubic yards of a clay liner, imported 50,000 tons of LCRS and underdrain gravel, and screened about 80,000 cubic yards of a one-inch minus material to complete the improvement work. In addition, Sukut constructed a contact water pond, which required excavating and placing approximately 70,000 cubic yards of soil. The pond also required the import and placement of 10,000 tons of pea gravel for subdrain layer construction. Lastly, Sukut installed multiple stormwater improvements, which included storm drain pipe, rip rap channels and pads, and erosion control measures.

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