Altamont Landfill FA2 Phases 6 and 7 Project

Waste Management
Livermore, CA
Description of Project:

Sukut is working on this two-year contract that includes two phases of cell development at Altamont Landfill in Livermore, CA. Phase 6 consists of about 1.3 million cubic yards of excavation, which will go to stockpiles, as well as engineered fill. Phase 7 holds about 1.3 million cubic yards of excavation, with the majority going as engineered fill. The overall project will have over 100,000 tons of imported pea gravel to make various layers of cell floor, along with 60,000 cubic yards of clay placement, and about 150,000 cubic yards of a one-inch screened material for operations layer. Sukut is also performing numerous surface drainage improvements, which consist of 10,000 tons of rip rap placement, and 24 to 42-inch of storm drain pipe installation.

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