FRB Landfill Sewer and Water Line Treatment System Design-Build Project

Orange County Waste & Recycling
Irvine, CA
Description of Project:

The primary objective of this project is to contain Frank R. Bowerman landfill odors from the storage and treatment tanks and eliminate any associated odors when discharging the treated effluent to the sewer or during on-site reuse application. In order to meet this objective, Sukut is designing and constructing a treatment system that will reduce concentrations of toxins, odors, and other elements usually produced by the landfill to meet sewer discharge limits established by Irvine Ranch Water District and the Orange County Sanitation District. In addition to the new treatment system, Sukut is utilizing a jack and bore method to drill a pathway below Portola Parkway to route the waste, installing HDPE pipe for private sewer, realigning the force main between the pump station and administration building, and re-configuring the pump station design.

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