Prima Deshecha – Landfill

OC Waste and Recycling
Date Completed:
February 28, 2013
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Description of Project:

This project supported the landfill expansion and placement of liners in two locations at the project site. It included remedial work on stream-bed protection, gabion structures, concrete surface drainage structures, relocation of a timber bridge section and installation of a storm water detention basin to prevent siltation of downstream facilities.
The following is a brief description of work completed:
• Installation of a two stage liner system that includes an inch thick clay liner, one layer of HDPE plastic and one layer of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) on the side slopes.
• Excavation of 480,000 cy and import of select materials for construction at the desilting basin of about 15,000 cubic yards.
• Concrete lined new two acre desilting basin.
• Construction of 84,000 square foot detention basin for storm water runoff.
• Constructed permanent and temporary erosion control measures.
• Demolished existing and construction of a new 30-foot bridge rated for heavy traffic.
• Installed 11 acres of lined area.
• Self-performed 60% of the work.

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