Dos Lagos 18 Hole Golf Course

SE Corporation
Date Completed:
December 31, 2004
Corona , CA
Description of Project:

Sukut reclaimed the long-abandoned dumping ground site with an innovative design that restored safety to the aquifer and brought balance back to previously destroyed habitat areas.Sukut established two surface lakes for a 543-acre, mixed-used community.
The following is a brief description of work completed:
• Excavating nine million cubic yards over 543 acres of land.
• Pump 30 million gallons of water from existing lake to a temporary reservoir and recycled back.
• Install a sub-drain system and placed a 100 foot deep fill on lake bottom.
• Removal of rock materials and bury at least ten feet below the finished ground surface.
• Deep fill areas and a 95% compaction between both wet and dry materials.
• Excavation, relocation and compaction of 175,000 cubic yards of waste.
• Re-use of foundation layer and vegetative cover materials salvaged from the existing final cover system.

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