Rienda Zones A and 1 Tank Site and Pipelines Project

RMV Realty
Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
Description of Project:

Sukut performed work that consisted of constructing the Rienda interim zones 1 and A, a tank site, and pipelines to service Planning Area 3 for RMV Realty. The work in the proposed domestic (zone 1) and reclaimed waterlines (zone A) that transport water from the permanent Planning Area 3.1 Santa Margarita Water District improvements to the proposed interim tank site included roughly 7,200 linear feet of 24/16-inch PVC, 13 valves, structures, and appurtenances. The tank site improvements consisted of two one-MG bolted tanks with reinforced concrete footings. Work in the area also included yard piping, a chemical feeding system, reservoir mixers, pipe supports, and valves. Additionally, Sukut completed solar panels, site electrical work, as well as access road construction.

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