CalTrans Highway 29 Project

O.C. Jones & Sons
Clearlake, CA
Description of Project:

Sukut completed this three-mile-long highway realignment project that included over 400,000 cubic yards of roadway excavation, roughly 420,000 cubic yards of rock excavation, and 40,000 cubic yards of controlled blasting. In total, Sukut moved nearly 900,000 cubic yards of rock and soil, with 350,000 cubic yards of the material being exported to various locations. Sukut also assisted OC Jones in installing a soil nail retaining wall, which was designed to hide and provide privacy to a local Native American Tribe’s burial site. The project also included an animal crossing path located beneath the highway and a reinforced concrete pipe storm drain system. Sukut’s heavy equipment fleet was well-suited to rip through the hard volcanic rock and obsidian encountered throughout the site.

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