San Pasqual Undergrounding Project

City of Escondido
Escondido, CA
Description of Project:

On this project, Sukut will remove, relocate, and replace approximately two and a half miles of the Escondido Canal that crosses the San Pasqual Indian Reservation. The project consists of three major components: a desilting basin, replace-in-place section, and pipeline section. The 110-foot-long by 32-feet-wide desilting basin’s hydraulic structure within the 100-foot canal right-of-way will require the construction of large retaining walls and an all-weather access road, which includes a concrete box tunnel. In addition, the first half-mile of the open canal will be replaced with a shallowly buried 60-inch-wide by 48-inch-high precast concrete box culvert. Finally, for the pipeline section, the box culvert will transition to a buried, 60-inch diameter pipeline in a new 1.5-mile-long alignment across portions of the San Pasqual Indian Reservation, easements across private parcels, and the public San Pasqual Undergrounding Project right-of-way in North Lake Wohlford Road. Sukut will construct the pipeline within a 350-foot-long tunnel to minimize environmental impacts to a riparian area in this section.

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