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Wind and Solar Needs

Sukut’s Energy Approach

Driving the Renewable U.S. Energy Market

About the Market

Since its inception in August of 2010, Sukut’s Energy market’s team…

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Value-Added Services

3D Site modeling, construction stalking, design/build projects…

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Types of Work

Sukut’s Energy market performs these types of work…

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Megawatt Portfolio

Sukut’s Energy Market projects vary in size from 20 to 250 MWT

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Recent projects

Calpine BESS Project

On this project, Sukut is performing site preparation work, trenching, installation of drainage facilities, and structural concrete work for eight transformer pads and 28 Tesla Megapacks.

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Montague Solar Civil and Mechanical Project

On this project, Sukut will be performing the civil, piles, and racking installation for a 162 MWac solar site. The 1,170-acre site includes 45,000 linear feet of access roads, over 67,000 piles, and 5,600 rows of ATI racking installation. 

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Environmental Services

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Public Works

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Private Works

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Dams and Reservoirs

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