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About the Market

Sukut began branching into Public Works arena in the early 1970’s…

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Value-Added Services

Sukut’s Public Works market team complements its core expertise list with the following value-added services…

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Types of Work

Sukut’s Public Works market performs these types of work…

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Project Size Portfolio

Sukut’s Public Works Team has pursued and completed projects from $1 million to $100 million…

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Recent projects

Walteria Retention Basin Improvements Phase 1 Project

This project involves pump station upgrades, channel repairs, basin improvements, and the performance of other appurtenant work. Additionally, Sukut will perform access road improvements, erosion stabilization, and installation of landscaping and irrigation systems.

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Bautista Creek Channel Recharge Basin Project

This project involves the construction of a groundwater recharge basin for Riverside County Flood Control. Work includes 30,000 cubic yards of export, construction of 2,500 linear feet of the 18-inch water pipe, and minor concrete structures.

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