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About the Market

Sukut has been one of the major players in the Residential Grading arena…

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Value-Added Services

Sukut’s Private Works market team complements its core expertise list with the following value-added services…

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Types of Work

Sukut’s Private Works market performs these types of work…

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Project Size Portfolio

Sukut works on projects from $500 thousand to $500 million. With the largest grading fleet in California…

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Recent projects

Westlake Phase II Lake 4 Grading Project

Sukut is performing the excavation and fill placement work to redesign an existing pond for future home development at the Westlake Villages community.  

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Rienda Zones A and 1 Tank Site and Pipelines Project

Sukut will perform work that consists of the construction of the Rienda interim zones 1 and A, a tank site, and pipelines to service Planning Area 3 for RMV Realty. The work in the proposed domestic (zone 1) and reclaimed waterlines (zone a) that transport water from the permanent Planning Area 3.1 SMWD ...

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Alternative Energy

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Environmental Services

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Public Works

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Dams and Reservoirs

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