Sukut’s award-winning strategy is to make the development of our safety culture a top priority. World-class safety can only be achieved when a “culture” has been developed and integrated into the values of the company at all levels within the organization. This integration starts at the top with our CEO, and is then completely supported by the departments, project managers, project engineers, superintendents, foremen, and their crews. Everyone working as a team creates a safety multiplier effect that leads to the ultimate goal of ensuring that every employee goes home at the end of the day without an injury.

Programs that support this safety culture are:

  • “Near Hit Good Catch” program
  • Safety “tailgate” and task training conducted in the field
  • Safety integration during the estimating process
  • Project-level risk assessment and hazard analysis
  • Pre-task safety planning in the field
  • Field audits by project staff and safety committee members
  • Quarterly safety meetings for foremen, project and executive management
  • Innovative training systems targeted at all organizational levels
  • Safety committee input and review for policy development
  • Safety recognition and incentive programs
  • Safety bulletins to communicate lessons learned and reinforce expectations
  • Environmental planning and compliance on all projects

Performing work safely protects the company’s most valuable asset: our great employees. Safely performed operations are productive operations and when work is done safely everyone is a winner. We strive to provide an environment of open communications where employees can make suggestions for improvement and stop work if an unsafe condition or behavior is observed. This culture has led to many safety awards, some of which include:

  • Excellence in Safety — American Road and Transportation Building Association
  • Excellence in Accident Prevention Program — Southern California Contractors Association
  • Albert H. Atwood Safety Achievement Award — Southern California Contractors Association Safety Committee
  • Sapphire Status – Board of Certified Safety Professionals Certification Champions program

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