Sukut Construction continues to develop and implement innovative, technologically sound solutions to confront the most challenging land development, natural resource and environmentally friendly energy issues throughout the West. From employing a full GPS-guided fleet to developing proprietary technology for soils engineering and earthwork logistics, Sukut’s 50-year track record has elevated the job of moving earth to revolutionary and creative process. Sukut is not just moving earth – it’s overturning the earth moving industry.


3D Site Modeling

Sukut has an in-house team dedicated to converting the Engineers 2D design plans into 3D models in order to prove the constructability of the site and provide the base for construction staking and GPS machine control. These resources benefit our projects in many ways, some of which include:

  • Building the site digitally ahead of time allows for plan changes to be addressed well ahead of construction
  • Allows for viewing of 3D underground and surface models to increase client’s visual understanding of project constructability
  • Improves efficiency and timely delivery


Construction Staking

Sukut can provide construction staking services in conjunction with a licensed Surveyors control points. The benefits include:

  • Reduces third-party survey costs and delays
  • Eliminates the need to schedule survey crews in advance
  • Allows our grade checkers to build the project without the constraints of traditional staking methods
  • Expedites geotechnical and civil engineering decisions


Design/Build Projects

More owners and developers are turning to Sukut’s design/build construction for expertise coupled with significant cost savings. These include:

  • Accelerated project delivery – a team of experts reacts quickly, is flexible, delivers project faster and reduces costs
  • Critical path planning – we can initiate grading and underground construction before all plans are complete
  • Accountability – our team is responsible for quality control, schedule and budget adherence
  • Strong partnerships – we work closely with a designer to ensure overall constructability and cost-effective solutions

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