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Alternative Energy

Mustang BESS Civil Project

Sukut will perform civil, concrete, and trenching scope on this battery ...

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Tranquility BESS Project

On this battery pack energy storage facility, Sukut is performing civil, ...

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Townsite Solar Civil, Piles, and Racking Project

Sukut is constructing a 200 MW solar project, completing the civil, ...

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Aktina Solar Project

Sukut is installing the mechanical scope of this 500 MWac solar project. ...

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Dams and Reservoirs

Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project

The Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project (DSMP) consists of ...

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Environmental Services

Altamont Landfill FA2 Phase 4 Project

This project includes the excavation of 1,300,000 million cubic yards of ...

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FRB Landfill East Flank Northern Diverted Channel Project

This project involves mass grading and concrete construction work to build ...

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FRB Phase VIIIB Fire Repair Project

This project includes the removal and replacement of damaged geosynthetic ...

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Northern Branch for the 2020 Fire Debris and Tree Removal Project

Sukut Construction has formed a joint venture (JV) with Pacific States and ...

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Tree Removal Services Project for the Camp Fire in Butte County

Acting as a Managing Partner, Sukut entered into a joint venture with Odin ...

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Badlands Landfill C2P5 and C3P2 Liner Expansion Project

This project involves over 10,000 cubic yards of excavation and engineered ...

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Riverside County Landfills Daily Cover Excavation and On-Call Improvements Project

This project consists of 200,000 cubic yards of daily cover excavation and ...

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Visalia Landfill Phase 4 Expansion Project

This project includes mass excavation of 355,000 cubic yards of material ...

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Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal Services Project

This project is for the on-call services to respond to any natural ...

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Landfill, Disposal Site and Waste Tire Site Remediation Project

Sukut has been awarded a three-year contract by Cal Recycle for Landfill, ...

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Private Works

San Marcos Highlands Grading Project

This residential rough grading project for KB Home involves earthmoving ...

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The Highlands at Tesoro del Valle Project

This rough grading project located on the 400-acre site involves  ...

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Cow Camp Road Phase 2B and SMVD Improvements Project

The Cow Camp Road 2B Roadway & SMWD Improvements project in Rancho ...

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Montebello Hills Grading Phases A and B Project

This project includes 3.7 million cubic yards of remedial grading and 5.6 ...

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Public Works

Oasis In-Lieu Recharge Project, Phase II Project

On this project, Sukut is constructing approximately 17.5 miles of a ...

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L-4 Pump Station Relocation, Phase II Project

Working for Coachella Valley Water District, Sukut is relocating the L-4 ...

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Cajon Air Center – Aircraft Transient Apron Project

This project of building a transient aircraft apron connecting to existing ...

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Lakewood Stormwater Capture at Mayfair Park Project

The work included 35,000 cubic yards of export, excavation of 92,700 cubic ...

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