Appaloosa Solar Project

Sukut is performing the mechanical and module construction of a 200 MWac solar project outside of Cedar City, Utah. The scope includes the installation of over 60,000 piles, 5,500 rows of the Nextracker racking system, and 444,000 solar panels.Read more

Gaskell 2-5 Solar Civil and Mechanical Project

Sukut will be building a 100 MWac solar project in the Rosamond area. The civil work consists of 680 acres of site preparation and grading, 55,000 linear feet of access roads, and 33,000 linear feet of rip rap swales. We will also be installing over 42,000 piles and 3,700 rows of the Nextracker racking system. Read more

Santa Ana BESS Project

Sukut completed site preparation work, trenching, and paving for the civil scope of the project. Sukut crews installed eight transformer foundations with containment and 14 battery foundations for the electrical and structural scope.Read more

Danish Fields Solar Mechanical Project

Sukut is installing the mechanical scope for a 600 MWac solar project that spans over 3,400 acres. The scope consists of pile driving 170,000 piles and constructing 15,000 rows of the GameChange racking system.Read more

Montague Solar Civil and Mechanical Project

On this project, Sukut will be performing the civil, piles, and racking installation for a 162 MWac solar site. The 1,170-acre site includes 45,000 linear feet of access roads, over 67,000 piles, and 5,600 rows of ATI racking installation. Read more

Townsite BESS Project

This project includes grading for transformers and battery megapacks with the placement of proprietary foundations and anchoring systems for 90MW of battery storage. The scope also consists of over 16,000 linear feet of medium voltage, communication, and ground trenching with fine grading and placement of specialty rock over a four-acre site.Read more

Mustang BESS Civil Project

Sukut will perform civil, concrete, and trenching scope on this battery pack energy storage facility site to prepare foundations for 75 battery units and 25 inverters.Read more

Tranquillity BESS Project

Rosendin Electric selected Sukut to perform the civil scope on the 72 MW four-hour battery energy storage system (BESS) project, which included the installation of 621 grade beams for 81 battery units and 27 inverters, 19 pad-mounted auxiliary power transformers and switchboards, as well as nearly 45,000 linear feet of trenching. The project was the first-ever…Read more

Townsite Solar Civil, Piles, and Racking Project

Sukut is constructing a 200 MW solar project, completing the civil, channel, piles, and racking. This includes grading and site prep of a 1000-acre site, 950,000 square feet of access roads, 10,600 linear feet of soil cement-treated channels,  84,800 driven piles, and 6,300 rows of Nextracker racking system.Read more

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