Trampas Canyon Dam and Reservoir Project

The Santa Margarita Water District contracted with Sukut to complete the renovation and reconstruction of a 50-year old dam and reservoir into the newer and larger Trampas Canyon Dam and Reservoir. The original dam was de-graded and reconstructed 40 feet taller and over 150 feet wider than the old dam. This was accomplished by Sukut…Read more

Upper Chiquita Reservoir Slope Repair

Sukut performed repair services on the 1.5:1 slope that was damaged during rains in 2016. Scope included the installation of the geogrid and refinishing of slopes, repair of MSE walls, fence, and V-ditch.Read more

Calaveras Dam Replacement Project

Sukut and our valued joint venture partners, Dragados USA and Flatiron, constructed the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The project entailed a full replacement of the 225’ high-zoned earthen dam and partial demolition of the existing dam, originally built in 1925. This Risk Level three project included approximately seven…Read more

Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project

The Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project (DSMP) consisted of several major modifications which enhanced the structural capability of the existing dam and served to increase public safety as well as restore the water storage capacity in Lake Isabella. The original Dam was completed in 1953, although since 2006 there have been concerns about seismic…Read more

San Vicente Dam

Sukut Construction worked as a subcontractor on the San Vicente Dam Project, the world’s largest roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam raise. After excavating and hauling over 1.25 million cubic yards of rock material out of the future marina site for use in the 117 feet dam raise, Sukut placed 825,000 cubic yards of fill to create…Read more

San Pablo Dam Seismic Project

Sukut teamed with Raito, Inc. to upgrade San Pablo Dam by removing the existing buttress and drilling three-foot diameter holes down to bedrock, filling them with concrete. This process known as CDSM (cement deep soil mixing) strengthened the foundation of the dam. Sukut then rebuilt the buttress making it higher and wider and regraded the…Read more

Upper Chiquita Reservoir

The Upper Chiquita Reservoir project required the excavation and placement of over 1.4 million cubic yards of material in order to construct the large earthen dam which consists of multiple distinct ‘zones’ of material to ensure stability and to meet the stringent seismic requirements. The earthen dam is monitored by state of the art vibrating…Read more

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