Porter Ranch Tract 50506 Grading and Drainage Project

Sukut is performing 245,000 cubic yards of remedial grading and 195,000 cubic yards of mass excavation, including export to prepare for the construction of 65 single-family home lots. Also included in the scope is the construction of 300 feet of 48-inch RCP storm drain and energy dissipater structure.Read more

La Mesa Summit Rough Grading Project

On this project, Sukut performed earthwork and drainage work to prepare ten acres of land to house 30 future residential homes. The scope of work included 55,000 cubic yards of excavation, 33,000 cubic yards of pad and street over-excavation, heavy ripping and blasting of 70,000 cubic yards, 70,000 cubic yards of rock crushing, as well…Read more

RMV PA-3.2B, 3.3, 3.4 Rough Grading and Storm Drain Improvements Project

Sukut is executing grading and storm drain improvements for the development of future home parcel areas 3.2B, 3.3, and 3.4. To prepare the site for the new residential development that will include 600 homes, Sukut is moving over three million cubic yards of earth. The project consists of mass grading and excavation, construction of mechanically…Read more

Cielo Vista Rough Grading, Bridge, and Line D Storm Drain Improvements Project

This project consists of two portions: rough grading and bridge and RCB construction. The rough grading portion of this project includes remediation of contaminated soils from previous oil wells within the project boundary. Sukut will perform remedial grading and mass excavation to create 74 single-family lots on a 34-acre site. The bridge and RCB portion…Read more

The Terraces at Walnut Project

Sukut performed the rough grading, including the excavation of 2.2 million cubic yards of earth, export, construction of 250,000 square feet of Verdura walls, and 22,000 linear feet of surface drainage improvements for the residential development. It will house 211 single-family lots, a townhome site consisting of 79 units, and a commercial lot throughout the…Read more

Westlake Phase 2 Lake 2 Construction Project

As a general contractor on this project, Sukut oversaw the dewatering, shotcrete shoreline, and shoreline waterproofing of the existing 25-acre lake to be reworked into a 39.5-acre lake for future home development at the Westlake Villages community. Sukut self-performed the grading and pipeline work. Sukut moved over 800,000 cubic yards of material from the lake…Read more

Westlake Village K and Lake 3 Project

As the general contractor on this project, Sukut is managing the reconstruction and redesign of an existing lake within the Westlake Villages into a 5.5-acre lake for future home development and stormwater management. Sukut is self-performing the dewatering, grading, structures, and underground utilities, and managing subcontractors performing the waterproofing and architectural retaining wall around the…Read more

Rienda Zones A and 1 Tank Site and Pipelines Project

Sukut performed work that consisted of constructing the Rienda interim zones 1 and A, a tank site, and pipelines to service Planning Area 3 for RMV Realty. The work in the proposed domestic (zone 1) and reclaimed waterlines (zone A) that transport water from the permanent Planning Area 3.1 Santa Margarita Water District improvements to…Read more

Monte Verde Project

Sukut’s scope of work on this Northern California fast-paced project included mass grading, off-site improvements, and topside work for Century Communities 150 -lot development. Work included 200,000 cubic yards of cut-to-fill, 50,000 tons of base rock place and finish, 9000 linear feet of curb and gutter, 50,000 square feet of sidewalk, and 200,000 square feet…Read more

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