Rienda Zones A and 1 Tank Site and Pipelines Project

Sukut will perform work that consists of the construction of the Rienda interim zones 1 and A, a tank site, and pipelines to service Planning Area 3 for RMV Realty. The work in the proposed domestic (zone 1) and reclaimed waterlines (zone a) that transport water from the permanent Planning Area 3.1 SMWD improvements to…Read more

Monte Verde Project

Sukut’s scope of work on this Northern California project includes onsite grading, grading for bioretention ponds, frontage improvements, concrete flatwork, and asphalt paving. Monte Verde will be a fast-paced project, grading starting this spring and ending late summer of 2021.Read more

San Marcos Highlands Grading Project

This residential rough grading project for KB Home involves earthmoving activities to prepare pads for approximately 200 homes. The scope includes approximately one million cubic yards of earthwork, including rock excavation in the Jurassic Santiago Peak Volcanic Formation.Read more

The Highlands at Tesoro del Valle Project

This rough grading project located on the 400-acre site involves  12,935,000 cubic yards of excavation. The site will house a new residential development, The Highlands at Tesoro del Valle, for Newport Pacific Land.Read more

Cow Camp Road Phase 2B and SMVD Improvements Project

The Cow Camp Road 2B Roadway & SMWD Improvements project in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA, is a new roadway construction that includes underground sewer, CMLC, and PVC waterlines, RCP storm drain and structures, dry utilities, concrete curb and sidewalk, street lighting, and asphalt paving.Read more

FedEx Ontario Airport Taxiway A Project

Sukut was awarded the FedEx Ontario Airport Taxiway A project in Ontario, CA. The scope of work includes 277,000 cubic yards of over excavation for a taxiway pavement and 914,000 square feet of site grading.  Read more

RMV PA 3.1 and CCR Rough Grading Project

Project includes mass excavation of 3,000,000 cubic yards and nearly 2,000,000 cubic yards of remedial grading for the Cow Camp Road Phase 2B improvements and planning area 3.1 in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA.  Read more

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