RMV PA 3.1 and CCR Rough Grading Project

Project includes mass excavation of 3,000,000 cubic yards and nearly 2,000,000 cubic yards of remedial grading for the Cow Camp Road Phase 2B improvements and planning area 3.1 in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA.  Read more

Los Patrones Parkway Improvements Phase 2 Project

The project includes the restoration of median and shoulder grading for over 8,000 linear feet of roadway, removal, and replacement of 13,500 linear feet of concrete trap channel, construction of storm drainage improvements including 2,300 linear feet of RCP 18-inch through 60-inch and associated structures. The project also included final stabilization of roadway shoulder with…Read more

FedEx Ontario Airport Expansion Project

On this project, Sukut will be handling 450,000 cubic yards of over-excavation and 2.1 million square feet of grading to prepare the site for a new FedEx operated Cargo Facility at the Ontario Airport. The facility will be built by Walsh Construction.Read more

Orchard Hills, Rough Grading And Storm Drain

Sukut moved over three million cubic yards of dirt and rock to create 223 luxury home sites for the client and land developer, Toll Brothers. The work included the construction of multiple buttress fills, installation of new RCP and a Jack and Bore under large diameter water mains Project highlights included: Sukut self-performed 90% of…Read more

Hidden Canyon PA 18

Sukut moved over 3.2 million cubic yards of dirt and rock to create 258 luxury home sites for the client and land developer, Toll Brothers.  Utilizing two of the company’s CAT D11 dozers, Sukut was able to rip through 180,000 cubic yards of rock that was expected to be drilled and blasted. The grading work…Read more

Thompson Ranch

This 3.8-million cubic yard residential grading project was a great success and had many unique facets and challenges that were overcome and resulted in financial savings for the owner.Read more

Moorpark William Lyon Homes, Tract #5187

This residential grading project was located on a 350-acre land west of Walnut Canyon Road. The area was built to accommodate 263 lots. 248 of them were single-family residential lots, and the rest were composed of recreational lots, entry/landscaping lots, a water tank lots, and others.Read more

St. John’s Seminary Rough Grading Project

This Southern California residential development project involved over two million cubic yards of earthwork and 1,700 linear feet of storm drain pipe installation. Project highlights included: Two million cubic yards of mass excavation. Residential development for approximately 250 homes on the property that previously belonged to St. John’s Seminary. Two buttresses with deep soil mixing…Read more

Spencer’s Crossing – Tracts 37053-2 and 37053

A Rough Grading Project located in Murrieta within in the County of Riverside for Brookfield Land Construction.  The Tracts 37053-2 and 37053 include 447 single family lots and a school site.  The project involves moving approximately 1.2 million cubic yards of Dirt and with a potential for more material onsite to be blasted.Read more

Hollywood Hills

Project included construction and operation of 4,300 linear feet of temporary conveyor belt with jaw crusher system to facilitate the export of 800,000 cubic yards of soil material, drilling and blasting of 200,000 cubic yards of rock material, 350,000 cubic yards of remedial grading, construction of two, 12’x8’ precast arch culverts, construction of three pedestrian…Read more

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