Caltrans Route 189 Emergency Work Project

This project involves the emergency closure of CA-189 to perform remedial excavation to remove and replace a failed gabion wall. Sukut is replacing the failed gabion wall, using gabion rock baskets and Tensar geogrid. This will restore the retainment of the road and access to impacted residences.Read more

San Juan Meadows Rough Grading and Storm Drain Project

On this project, Sukut is performing mass grading, partial landfill closure, storm drain, and a landfill gas collection system for the San Juan Meadows residential development. The project includes two million cubic yards of grading, relocation of 275 thousand cubic yards of trash, over 10,000 linear feet of landfill gas collection piping, and over 10,000…Read more

Canal Replacement Project, Segment 5B

This canal replacement project includes unwatering the existing canal and removing, hauling, and disposing of sediment. Sukut will also install approximately 6,394 feet of 10-feet in diameter reinforced concrete pipe, demolish canal levee berms, backfill canal and pipe trenching with material from existing levee berms and other sources. Sukut will construct temporary inlet and access…Read more

Bouldin Island Levee Improvement Project

On this project, Sukut will be stripping 55 acres of the existing farmland, excavating, and stockpiling 200,000 cubic yards of peat material. On-site borrow sites will be utilized to excavate and haul 510,000 cubic yards of fill material to rebuild five miles of existing levee along the Mokelumne River. Once the levee has been rebuilt…Read more

Caltrans 07-343204 I-405 Slope Repairs at Rinaldi Street Project

Sukut will reconstruct the steep earthen slopes along Interstate 405 between Rinaldi Street and the interchange with Interstate 5.  Since its original construction, the slopes along this stretch of the freeway have eroded significantly.  Sukut will regrade the slopes, remove the old drainage systems, and at two locations install concrete-filled buttresses.  Sukut will also install…Read more

Camp Pendleton Range 314C Landslide Repair Project

Sukut is repairing a landslide at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. This design-build project’s goal is to reconstruct a hillside that failed during the winter storms of 2019 and is currently keeping Range 314C out of service. Sukut’s scope includes 450,000 cubic yards of earthmoving and 24,000 square feet of temporary shoring.Read more

Caltrans 07-339604 Route 14 Slope Repair Project

Sukut will reconstruct a 2,000-foot-long cut slope that was graded during the construction of State Route 14 in the early 1970s. Over the years, the hill, which reaches a height of nearly 200 feet, has experienced tremendous erosion. Approximately 212,000 cubic yards of earth will be removed from the site. Following the grading, Sukut will…Read more

Pure Water Program Morena Conveyance System Project

Starting in the summer of 2022, Sukut is installing two separate pipelines, each nearly seven miles in length. The pipelines are part of the City of San Diego’s massive Pure Water program. Once operational, the project will purify 30 million gallons of recycled water per day for San Diego residents. The pipeline work begins in…Read more

Oceanside Municipal Airport Infield Grading /Apron Reconstruction Project

Sukut performed site work and paving for a transportation facility, Bob Maxwell Municipal Airport. The infield grading improvements included approximately 3,700 cubic yards of excavation within the runway areas, placement of approximately 2,091 cubic yards of slope protection rock, and recycled asphalt millings along unpaved airfield vehicle access roads. Read more

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