Walteria Retention Basin Improvements Phase 1 Project

This project involves pump station upgrades, channel repairs, basin improvements, and the performance of other appurtenant work. Additionally, Sukut will perform access road improvements, erosion stabilization, and installation of landscaping and irrigation systems.Read more

Bautista Creek Channel Recharge Basin Project

This project involves the construction of a groundwater recharge basin for Riverside County Flood Control. Work includes 30,000 cubic yards of export, construction of 2,500 linear feet of the 18-inch water pipe, and minor concrete structures.Read more

Oasis In-Lieu Recharge Project, Phase II Project

On this project, Sukut is constructing approximately 17.5 miles of a pipeline of various diameter and the underground facilities, including all ancillary excavation, rock removal, trenching, shoring, dewatering, surface restoration, and more. Included in the project are also the construction of four pump stations with furnishings and installation of vertical turbine pumps and backup generators,…Read more

L-4 Pump Station Relocation, Phase II Project

Working for Coachella Valley Water District, Sukut is relocating the L-4 Pump Station east from its current location to a point on the north side of the All American Canal, just west of Jefferson Street in the city of La Quinta, California. The new pump station contains a steel-framed control building, three 125 horsepower pumps,…Read more

Palm Canyon Wash, Stage 93 Emergency Levee Restoration Project

This emergency work contract consists of the repair and restoration of existing damaged levee sections in addition to scour protection below the channel bottom. The project is located in the southern area of Palm Springs near Murray Canyon Drive and Toledo Avenue, continuing approximately 3,000 feet downstream just past Araby Drive. The work involves 72,000…Read more

Oasis In-Lieu Recharge Project

The project consists of a 60 AF reservoir, 2835 linear feet of 72-inch steel pipeline, the Oasis Tower bypass system, irrigation lateral 97.1 Tie-In, and a reinforced concrete control structure that includes pumps, motors, valves, couplings and appurtenances. The work will also include a reservoir liner, electrical and surface restoration.Read more

Cajon Air Center Drainage Project

On this project, Sukut installed approximately 3,000 feet of concrete pipe in the location of the existing earthen swale used for storm water conveyance, and 820 feet of an additional RCB from the center of the new concrete pipe, connecting to an underground detention basin. The project also included the installation of separated ingress and…Read more

New Model Colony Archibald and Edison Infrastructure Improvements

Sukut worked as a general contractor on the roadway and utility improvement project that included construction of five miles of roadway improvements and 120,000 linear feet of pipe work in the City of Ontario. Sukut self-performed more than 50% of the work including: excavation, pipeline and appurtenance installation (including air vacs, fire hydrants, blow offs,…Read more

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