Badlands Landfill C2P5 and C3P2 Liner Expansion Project

This project involves over 10,000 cubic yards of excavation and engineered fill, as well as up to 5,000 cubic yards of refuse excavation. The fine grade/preparation and deployment of the liner will take place on over 300,000 square feet of 1.5:1 slopes. The liner installation will include a three-layer system of GCL, 60-mil, and 16-ounce…Read more

Riverside County Landfills Daily Cover Excavation and On-Call Improvements Project

This project consists of 200,000 cubic yards of daily cover excavation and hauls for Badlands Landfill, as well as on-call site improvements at Badlands, Lamb Canyon, Double Butte, Highgrove, Belltown, Menifee, and Pedley Landfills. These site improvements consist of the construction of engineered fill, excavation of sedimentation basins, asphalt concrete drainage structures, asphalt roads, and…Read more

Visalia Landfill Phase 4 Expansion Project

This project includes mass excavation of 355,000 cubic yards of material for the expansion of two new cells at the Visalia Landfill. The project also includes the installation of 2.5 million square feet of the geosynthetic liner and two leachate extraction and storage systems.Read more

Sunshine Canyon Landfill CC-4 Part 4A Mass Excavation and Liner Project

This project includes the construction of a 4.5-acre cell, which consists of five layers (two clay layers, sand, gravel, and screened operations layer). Sukut will perform 600,000 cubic yards of mass excavation to get to subgrade before starting cell construction. Additionally, Sukut will work on miscellaneous civil improvements, perform 50,000 square feet of AC paving,…Read more

Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal Services Project

This project is for the on-call services to respond to any natural disaster, fire cleanup, etc. within Sonoma County. Sukut will be required to mobilize labor, equipment, and materials, within a specific timeframe, in response to any disasters that potentially occur.  Read more

Landfill, Disposal Site and Waste Tire Site Remediation Project

Sukut has been awarded a three-year contract by Cal Recycle for Landfill, Disposal Site, And Waste Tire Remediation. This Contract will be used by Cal Recycle to initiate clean-up efforts of various dumpsites in the Southern California Region. Sukut, having longstanding credentials in Landfill, Environmental, and Disaster Debris Removal, was selected among a field of…Read more

Ox Mountain Landfill Phase XXI Liner Project

This project involves the excavation of 100,000 cubic yards of hard rock to improve the drainage of the existing site and expand the landfill’s refuse area. Additionally, Sukut crews will be installing 2,000 linear feet of subdrain pipe, 5,000 linear feet of LCRS collector piping, and over 5,000 linear feet of 6-inch Leachate Transmission piping.Read more

Keller Canyon Landfill Phase 3C Liner System Project

This six-acre cell construction project includes 30,000 cubic yards of excavation. The cell consists of a four-layer system: subdomain layer, clay liner, LCRS gravel layer, and operations layer. Sukut will import a total of 10,000 tons of gravel for the subdrain and LCRS layers. Additionally, Sukut will import 10,000 cubic yards of a one-inch screened…Read more

Prima Capistrano Greenery Project

This project involves moving over 100,000 cubic yards of dirt and providing almost 100,000 square feet of HDPE liner. The project also has a number of site work items related to wet utilities, gas line piping, concrete work, landscaping, and over a half a million square feet in 6-inch asphalt paving.Read more

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