El Sobrante Landfill Phase 13A Project

This project included clearing, excavating 4,500,000 cubic yards of material, heavy D11 ripping, drilling, and shooting rock, building basins, installing pipe to create the next cell for disposal, as well as finish and drainage work.Read more

Cell 3B Development Project

This project involves the excavation of approximately 400,000 cubic yards of earth to create new space for a landfill expansion. The construction of the new landfill cell includes geosynthetic liners, drainage gravel, and HDPE piping.Read more

Altamont Landfill FA2 Phase 4 Project

This project includes the excavation of 1,300,000 million cubic yards of soil to stockpile, with approximately 300,0000 cubic yards of blasted material. Work consists of placing underdrain gravel layer, earthfill layer, low permeability layer, LCRS gravel layer, and lastly, a one-inch minus operations layer. Erosion control measures will be implemented once the project is completed.Read more

Northern Branch for the 2020 Fire Debris and Tree Removal Project

Sukut Construction has formed a joint venture (JV) with Pacific States and P31 Enterprises, PSP Joint Venture. Contracted by Cal Recycle, the JV will to clean up the fire debris and remove hazardous trees in the Northern Branch of the 2020 fires. These areas include portions of Butte, Lassen, Nevada, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Trinity, and…Read more

Tree Removal Services Project for the Camp Fire in Butte County

Acting as a Managing Partner, Sukut entered into a joint venture with Odin Construction, P31 Enterprises, J. W. Bamford (SOPB) to remove and dispose of the dead and dying trees that were damaged by the Camp Fire. In total, 300,000 trees that currently pose a hazard to the public will be removed over the next…Read more

Badlands Landfill C2P5 and C3P2 Liner Expansion Project

This project involves over 10,000 cubic yards of excavation and engineered fill, as well as up to 5,000 cubic yards of refuse excavation. The fine grade/preparation and deployment of the liner will take place on over 300,000 square feet of 1.5:1 slopes. The liner installation will include a three-layer system of GCL, 60-mil, and 16-ounce…Read more

Riverside County Landfills Daily Cover Excavation and On-Call Improvements Project

This project consists of 200,000 cubic yards of daily cover excavation and hauls for Badlands Landfill, as well as on-call site improvements at Badlands, Lamb Canyon, Double Butte, Highgrove, Belltown, Menifee, and Pedley Landfills. These site improvements consist of the construction of engineered fill, excavation of sedimentation basins, asphalt concrete drainage structures, asphalt roads, and…Read more

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