Landers Sanitary Landfill Phase 1A Project

Sukut will construct the Phase 1A cell expansion of the Landers Landfill for San Bernardino County. The project includes 275,000 cubic yards of excavation, 350,000 square feet of geosynthetic liner installation, 5,000 linear feet of leachate collection and landfill gas piping, and 100,000 square feet of access road construction.Read more

FRB Landfill Phase VIII-A1 Groundwater Protection Project

Sukut is constructing the Phase VIII-A1 groundwater protection liner system at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill. The project includes over eight million cubic yards of earthwork for the cell excavation, landslide remediation, and buttress fill placement. The project also involves 1.5 million square feet of geosynthetic liner installation, 25,000 tons of leachate collection gravel, 55,000…Read more

Colton Sanitary Landfill Project

The project includes the installation of four million square feet of 50 mil LLDPE geomembrane and closure turf, import of 140,000 cubic yards of soil, placement of 30,000 tons of aggregate base, paving 200,000 square feet of asphalt, drilling and installation of 6,700 vertical feet of landfill gas well, and installation of 22,630 linear feet…Read more

FRB Landfill Sewer and Water Line Treatment System Design-Build Project

The primary objective of this project is to contain Frank R. Bowerman landfill odors from the storage and treatment tanks and eliminate any associated odors when discharging the treated effluent to the sewer or during on-site reuse application. In order to meet this objective, Sukut is designing and constructing a treatment system that will reduce…Read more

Altamont Landfill FA2 Phase 5

This project includes the excavation of about 600,000 cubic yards of soil and rock, including blasting of approximately 150,000 cubic yards. Sukut will also place 40,000 cubic yards of a clay liner, import 50,000 tons of LCRS and underdrain gravel, and screen about 80,000 cubic yards of a one-inch minus material. In addition, Sukut will…Read more

Keller Canyon Cell Phase 2F Project

This seven-acre cell construction project involves the excavation of 100,000 cubic yards of soil and placement of engineered fill, 25,000 cubic yards of the low permeability clay liner, and import of about 20,000 tons of pea gravel for the cell floor. Read more

Olinda Alpha Phase 1A Valencia Greenery Project

The project includes the construction of a compost greenery at the Olinda Landfill in Brea, CA. The scope of work includes mass grading, geosynthetic liner, HDPE and welded steel water line, installation of water storage tanks, concrete foundations and surface drainage, and asphalt paving. Read more

American Avenue Disposal Site Phase 1 Waste Relocation Project

The work consists of the relocation of buried wastes currently located within the Phase I area to the lined Phase II Waste Management unit of the project. The scope includes mass excavation and hauling of approximately 1,500,000 cubic yards of waste and soil, decommissioning of ten groundwater monitoring wells, construction of a newly paved access…Read more

Barstow Sanitary Landfill Liner 1B Project

This project includes excavating 460,000 cubic yards of earth, installing 2,500 linear feet of LCRS piping, and placing 35,0000 tons of drainage gravel. Also included in the scope are clearing, demolition, new liner placement, finish, and hydro-seed work.Read more

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