Keller Canyon Landfill Phase 3C Liner System Project

This six-acre cell construction project includes 30,000 cubic yards of excavation. The cell consists of a four-layer system: subdomain layer, clay liner, LCRS gravel layer, and operations layer. Sukut will import a total of 10,000 tons of gravel for the subdrain and LCRS layers. Additionally, Sukut will import 10,000 cubic yards of a one-inch screened…Read more

Prima Capistrano Greenery Project

This project involves moving over 100,000 cubic yards of dirt and providing almost 100,000 square feet of HDPE liner. The project also has a number of site work items related to wet utilities, gas line piping, concrete work, landscaping, and over a half a million square feet in 6-inch asphalt paving.Read more

FRB Bee Canyon Greenery Project

This project consists of 740,000 cubic yards of earthwork, construction of a 784,000-square foot asphalt compost deck, a water supply system, fire water system for Orange County Fire Authority, water tanks, lined storm water basin, and miscellaneous civil improvements for the County of Orange. The project’s scope also includes re-routing power for the county’s new…Read more

FRB Landfill Wetlands Basin Repair Project

Sukut will remediate the damage caused by a breach in a wetlands basin berm. During the project, Sukut will clear out the gabion baskets within the breach, excavate 6,000 cubic yards of material, re-compact 15,000 cubic yards of material, and construct a new concrete 2,200 square foot spillway. Sukut will also install a 6,000 square…Read more

Sunshine Canyon Office Relocation Project

This project’s intent was to relocate existing offices to a new location. Grading work consisted of 100,000 cubic yards of excavation material. Miscellaneous civil improvements included the installation of a 36-inch CHDPE storm drain pipe, six-inch waterline, and numerous types of surface drainage improvements.Read more

Calabasas Landfill Project

Sukut is working at this emergency liner repair project in Agoura, CA. The repairs are needed after the Woolsey fire devastated the area in late 2018.  The project consists of clearing and demolition of the burnt liner, surface preparation for the new liner, installation of new liner system, and the installation of a new cover…Read more

Sycamore Landfill Project

Sukut is working on a landfill expansion at the Sycamore Canyon Landfill. The project includes 100,000 cubic yards of excavation to stockpile, 250,000 square feet of subgrade preparation for liner installation, installation of LCRS gravel and protective cover soil layers.Read more

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