Chiquita Canyon Landfill C6 Liner Project

The project included the excavation of one million cubic yards of soil for the construction of a new cell for Waste Connections. Sukut constructed a ten-foot-wide by five-foot-deep rectangular channel, along with various other surface drainage improvements. The cell construction consisted of a three-layer system, which will include a low permeability layer, gravel layer, and…Read more

Butte Fire Debris Removal Project

The Butte Fire that started on September 9, burned 70,868 acres. In the aftermath, Sukut was contracted to perform wildfire debris removal from over 850 properties impacted by the fire in Calaveras County.Read more

Sunshine Canyon Landfill CC-4P3 Liner Construction Project

This mass excavation project consisted of 700,000 cubic yards of material to be stockpiled, the construction of a liner, which included various layers: low permeability, sand, gravel, protective soil cover, along with the various geosynthetic layers in between. Additional installation included 7,000 linear feet of subdrain, and 2,000 linear feet of LCRS pipe.Read more

Camp Fire Debris Removal Cleanup Project

Sukut entered into a joint venture with Goodfellow Bros. and Pacific States Environmental Contractors, the SPSG Partners, to begin a one-year fire cleanup project in Butte County, CA. The Camp Fire went through Paradise, CA back in November 2018, destroying more than 153,000 acres. Sukut has been appointed as a Managing Partner and tasked with…Read more

El Sobrante LF Phase C 1 Partial Final Closure Project

This project for Waste Management consisted of approximately 1.5 million cubic yards of excavation for a new cell expansion and a 31 AC landfill closure which included working in and around the existing landfill gas system and the installation of miscellaneous drainage structures to protect the site.Read more

Mid Valley Landfill Unit 4 Ph 1 Liner Construction

The project included the installation of 24-inch thick low permeability material, with a combination of both slope and floor over a 2.5-million square feet area. Additionally, the scope of work includes the construction of a leachate sump, pump system, LCRS storage containment area, and leachate loading/transfer system. Two stormwater basins will also be constructed to…Read more

Clear Lake Shoreline Cleanup

This project involved an emergency cleanup of wildfire debris that was entering into the waters of Clear Lake in Lake County. Special operations required a 50,000-pound excavator to be placed on a floating barge in order to remove debris, docks, and pillars from the floor of the lake in addition to floating debris on the…Read more

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